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Building beautiful minimal products that people love

Welcome. We are a software design and development team that builds web and mobile products for startups and businesses. We specialize in minimal design and development, and we love what we do.

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About Us

Who we are and what we believe

Small teams

Small teams can achieve big things, while big teams often struggle with small tasks. Sometimes, small is enough. The power of small lies in doing what needs to be done without overdoing it.

Profit motive

The tech industry often loses money despite rapid growth. We keep it simple: spend less than we make. This has kept us profitable every year and ensures we can reliably serve our customers.

Remote work

Work remotely, not just apart. Have fewer meetings, and communicate asynchronously. Trust your team without tracking their every move. Don't replicate the office; redefine it.

Small tech

We use small tech to build big things. We believe in using simple, reliable, and efficient tools. We don't chase the latest trends or buzzwords. We focus on what works.

Know no

“No” is no to one thing. “Yes” is no to a lot of things.


Here’s an easy way to launch on time and on budget: keep them fixed. Don’t throw more time, money, or people at a problem, just scale back the scope.